Over the past 27 years Res Artis has built a strong international reputation in the arts residency field. In recent years we have seen a rapid growth in our own global membership and the broader sector. We see a trend that more and more organisations are defining themselves as ‘arts residencies’. In response, besides amending the Res Artis Vision, Mission and Values, we have also reformulated our Definition of Arts Residencies:

Res Artis recognises that the field of Arts Residencies is rapidly expanding and evolving in today’s fast-paced global and innovation age. Therefore the definition of Arts Residencies should remain somewhat fluid and responsive to new developments, contexts and times.

Despite this fluidity and growth in the field, Res Artis believes the following core principles are crucial to the definition and success of any model and scale of Arts Residency.

Arts Residencies are:
• Organised and sufficient time, space and resources
• Enablers of the creative process
• Reflective of their lexical meaning as ‘an act of dwelling in a place’
• Based on clear mutual responsibility, experimentation, exchange and dialogue
• Engaged with context by connecting the local to the global
• Crucial to the arts ecosystem
• Bridging mechanisms between different arts disciplines and non-arts sectors
• Tools for inter-cultural understanding and capacity building
• Essential professional and personal development opportunities
• Catalysts for global mobility
• Encounters with the unknown
• Profile-raising with immediate and ongoing artistic, social and economic impact
• Important contributors to cultural policy and cultural diplomacy

The aim and mission of all Res Artis Members should reflect this definition and uphold the Res Artis Mission and Vision.