Our history

‘Res Artis’ translating from Latin to ‘For the Arts’ was conceived in Greece in 1992 and born in Germany in 1993. It  began as a volunteer organisation and informal network, to represent and support the needs of residential arts centres and residency programs. In 2003 Res Artis was given official legal status when it was registered in the Netherlands as a Foundation.

Michael Haerdter, a founding member as well as the first president of Res Artis, tells the story of the birth of Res Artis and our 26 year history in this short documentary: ‘Res Artis : The very Beginning’

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Timeline of Key Milestones


  • Res Artis conference in Japan in partnership with the Kyoto Arts Centre titled ‘Creative Encounters: Re-Imagining Residencies’


  • Res Artis conference Finnish Lapland in partnership with the Arts Promotion Centre Finland and City of Rovaniemi titled ‘Exploring Sustainability Under the Midnight Sun’.
  • Res Artis celebrates our 25th anniversary!


  • Res Artis partners on ‘Tilting Axis 3: Curating the Caribbean’, Cayman Islands, Caribbean
  • First International Satellite Office Launched: For the first time, Res Artis launches a new satellite office in Melbourne, Australia sponsored by Michael Schwarz and David Clouston
  • Res Artis Meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark in partnership with Danish Art Workshops and Fabrikken for Kunst and Design titled ‘Prepare for Production: On Residencies and Artistic Production’
  • Second International Satellite Office Launched: Res Artis launches a new satellite office and staff member focused on the MENASA (Middle East, North Africa, South Asia) Region. Sponsored by Kooshk Residency and Mr Ehsan Rasoulof


  • Res Artis partners on ‘Tilting Axis 2: Caribbean Strategies’ in Miami, USA
  • Res Artis partners with Rimbun Dahan in Kuang, Selangor, Malaysia to host the ‘Res Artis Meeting of South East Asian Arts Residencies’
  • First Res Artis Meeting in the Middle East: In partnership with Kooshk Residency and Mohsen Gallery Res Artis hosts ‘Roots and Routes: Challenges and Opportunities of Connectivity’ in Tehran, Iran
  • New Executive Director role created: For the first time, Res Artis restructures to create the role of Executive Director and appoints and International employee in Australia


  • Res Artis partners on Meeting in Barbados, Caribbean titled ‘Tilting Axis: Within and Beyond the Caribbean – Shifting Models of Sustainability and Connectivity’ with Fresh Milk Art Platform Inc, ARC Magazine and Pérez Art Museum, Miami.
  • Res Artis Handbook launched: ‘Res Artis Artist Residency Handbook: The Res Artis community guide to set-up and maintain an artist residency anywhere in the world’ is launched.
  • Evaluation Survey conducted: Res Artis conducts an evaluation survey of our organization and potential future directions within our membership
  • Res Artis 5-year Strategic Plan developed: Res Artis Board and Staff meet in Sturovo, Slovakia to develop a Strategic Plan for Res Artis from 2015-2020 based on the membership survey results


  • Regional Meeting in Vilnius and Nida, Lithuania titled ‘Escape and Engagement: Residencies as Hosts, Producers and Promoters.’
  • Res Artis Meeting in Melbourne, Australia hosted by Asialink in partnership with IETM, On The Move and National Association of the Visual Arts (NAVA) and supported by the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) titled ‘Inaugural Meeting: Asia-Australia-Europe Creative Residency Network’


  • Res Artis celebrates our 20th anniversary!
  • Launched Donation Platform on Res Artis website
  • Res Artis partners with China Residencies to continue our mapping project throughout mainland China and Hong Kong


  • Regional Meeting in Vienna, Austria with a focus on ‘Residencies: Gates and Bridges’
  • Res Artis has a strategy meeting in Istanbul, Turkey at Caravansarai to develop Strategic Plan. The draft of the strategic Plan is presented during the GM in Tokyo.
  • Res Artis General Meeting hosted by Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo, Japan titled ‘Constellation of Cultures – Asia, Middle East and the Global Network’
  • Joint meeting between Res Artis, The Alliance of Artists Communities and the Rockerfeller Foundation held at the Bellagio Center around the theme of ‘residencies and assessment’.
  • Office re-location: Res Artis moves from our shared office with Smart Project Space, Amsterdam to the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam


  • The 10th Res Artis Regional Meeting and International Conference took place in the second biggest city of Hungary, Debrecen and was hosted by MODEM. The aim of the conference was to foster the field of artist residencies and residential art centres of Eastern and South Eastern Europe.
  • Launch of Res Support: exchange program for cultural workers from residency centres within the Res Artis network.
  • Launch of Res Artis Mapping: With support of Fonds BVKB Res Artis starts to map the Residency field of Latin America with help of Residencias_en_Red


  • Res Artis General Meeting in Montreal, examining the state of residencies in the Americas by taking stock of the experiences, local initiatives, and self-management models impacting methods of production and distribution, as well as the creative contexts for contemporary work.


  • Regional Meeting at a-i-r laboratory program at the CCA Ujazdowski Castle invited Res Artis members, artists and actors throughout the region for ‘re-tooling Residencies’, the International Conference on Artistic Residencies and Eastern European Res Artis Meeting. The conference program consisted of panel discussions and presentations, workshops and accompanying activities.
  • Regional meeting ‘The 21st Century Art Residency & New Institutional Collaborations’ in partnership with Gyeonggi Creation Center and Gyeongii Museum of Modern Art Korea


  • Res Artis General Meeting hosted by Transartists with over 120 attendees and guest.
  • The host of next meeting Réseau Artactuel in Montreal is elected


  • Res Artis members meet in Boston, in the framework of the TransCultural Exchange Conference. A mentoring program for individual artists for residencies was carried out.
  • Res Artis officers meet in Amsterdam to discuss the developments and the preparations for the General Member Meeting in 2008. The meeting is hosted by Transartists.
  • Res Artis participates in the European Civil Society Platform for Intercultural Dialogue.
  • Office re-location: Res Artis moves from our shared office with TransArtists to Smart Project Space, Amsterdam


  • Res Artis officers meet in Pittsburgh. Res Artis Board meet the Alliance of Artists Communities to introduce their various activities and explore areas of future cooperation.
  • A Res Artis delegation of advisory committee members participates in the entire program of Dak’Art, The Biennale of Contemporary African Art, and holds a meeting on artists’ mobility and residency programs.
  • Res Artis holds a satellite meeting in the framework of Mexico: Gateway to the Americas, an annual cultural program designed to foster the exchange and development of creative works and ideas throughout the American continent.
  • Launch of Res Awards: Program of fully-funded residency opportunities
  • Res Artis publication: In partnership with ASEF and UfaFabrik Res Artis launches ‘Residencies: Spaces + Artists + Managers + Communities’ as a result of our 2005 meeting in Berlin


  • Res Artis officers and planning committee meet in Los Angeles to develop Strategic Plan. The meeting is hosted by 18th Street Arts Complex.
  • 10th General Meeting convened by UFA Fabrik Berlin International Cultural Centre, celebrating twelve years of global networking in Berlin, Germany. Site visits to Schloss Bröllin and Szcecin in Poland, organised by Schloss Bröllin.


  • Res Artis officers and planning committee meet in Los Angeles to develop Strategic Plan. The meeting is hosted by 18th Street Arts Complex.
  • Res Artis 9th General Meeting in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. The Meeting is hosted by Artspace in Sydney and Gertrude Street Contemporary Art Spaces in Melbourne.


  • Res Artis officers meet in Venice.
  • Res Artis Executive Committee meetings in Amsterdam. Conference of Res Artis members from the region. The Meeting is hosted by Trans Artists and the Jan van Eyck Academy.
  • Res Artis is officially registered in Amsterdam.
  • Office re-location: Res Artis launches shared office with Trans Artists in Amsterdam.


  • Res Artis officers meet in Helsinki to prepare the General Meeting.
  • Res Artis 8th General Meeting in Helsinki. Hosted by the Finnish Artists Studio Foundation, Helsinki International Arts Program and the Arts Council of Finland.


  • Res Artis officers meet in Amsterdam.
  •  Res Artis Executive Committee meets in Umbertide, Italy. The meeting is hosted by Civitella Ranieri Center.


  • Res Artis 7th General Meeting takes place in Los Angeles. Hosted by the 18th Street Arts Center in Los Angeles, USA.
  • Res Artis officers meet in Berlin to discuss the transition of the office from Kunstlerhaus Bethanien to Trans Artists in Amsterdam.


  • 3rd Regional meeting of the German section of Res Artis is held in Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany
  • Res Artis Executive Committee meets in Camac, France.


  • 2nd Regional Meeting of the German section of Res Artis in Lauenburg, Elbe.  The Lauenburg Declaration on future cooperation is adopted.
  • By invitation of the Chancellerie of the Republic of Austria, the Executive Committee meets in Vienna.
  • Res Artis’ 6th General Meeting is held in India, hosted by the Sanskriti Foundation, New Delhi.


  • Website development meeting is hosted by the Jan van Eyck Academy Maastricht, the Netherlands
  • Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, hosts representatives of residential arts centres from Germany: The German section of Res Artis is formed.
  • May. The 5th General Meeting in held in Cassis, France, hosted by The Camargo Foundation.


  • May. Res Artis’ 4th General Meeting is held in Dublin and at The Tyrone Guthrie Centre in Annaghmakerrig, County Monaghan, Ireland.
  • Res Artis regulations formalised: The by-laws and strategic plan are adopted.
  • Res Artis receives a Kaleidoscope grant from the European Union to identify residential arts centres and programs in central and eastern Europe with which to collaborate in the future.
  • May and June. A working group undertakes research trips in eastern and central European countries.
  • July. A conference of representatives of eastern and western European centres and programs in Berlin concludes the initial phase of the project, which then becomes the basis for further fundraising for a program of direct artist exchanges.
  • November.  The Res Artis’ Executive Committee meets in Jerusalem, hosted by the member centre, Mishkenot Sha’ananim.


  • May. The 3rd General Meeting is held in Budapest and Tata/Hungary, hosted by the Budapest Soros Center for Contemporary Art (SCCA) and by Textronic KFT.
  • Res Artis gets a name: The new official name of the network is adopted: Res Artis – International Association of Residential Arts Centres (‘Res Artis’ translating from Latin to ‘For the Arts’)
  • AFAA launches its Guide of host facilities on short term stays in the world, prepared in close co-operation with the network, in Budapest.
  • November. The Res Artis’ Executive Committee gathers in India, hosted by the Sanskriti Foundation, New Delhi.


  • April. The 2nd General Meeting of the network is hosted by La Rectoria de Sant Pere de Vilamajor and by the Cultural Department of the City of Sabadell in Catalonia, Spain.


  • Inaugural network meeting: In February Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin hosts the inaugural meeting of the network. 21 residential centres and programs are represented – from France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, The Netherlands, USA, Poland, Spain and Switzerland. Representatives of the Council of Europe and the Association Française d’Action Artistique (AFAA) are present.
  • Res Artis office launched: At Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
  • In June. AFAA introduces 22 European und non-European representatives of artists’ residency centres and programs to residential and cultural centres in France.


  • Network conceived: At the 5th Council of Europe Forum of European Cultural Networks in Delphi, Greece, a group of directors of residential arts centres decides to launch an international network