Res Artis Global Interns in Residence Program

The Res Artis Global Interns in Residence Program offers students and those interested in international artistic and cultural exchange, the opportunity to work with the peak body for the global arts residencies field.

Selected interns will work closely with Res Artis staff and internal and external stakeholders to plan, deliver and evaluate internship projects that are jointly decided on and mutually beneficial to both parties. The recipient will be well-supported by the Res Artis team. A Res Artis internship provides the perfect opportunity to deep-dive into a concrete project and see it through its duration in a local and international context.

Five distinct roles are available: Communications; Membership; Project Space; Research and Special Projects.

The internships can be undertaken remotely or in-person in our office and project space in Melbourne, Australia.

All internships are unpaid voluntary positions, and the hours offered range from 7-21 hours per week (flexible) to be negotiated based on prior experience and availability. Tuesday/Thursday/Friday work hours are preferable to coincide with staff hours.


Application process: Please send the following information to

  • Current CV
  • Preference for internship position (Communications; Membership; Project Space; Research or Special Projects)
  • Preference for remote or in-person internship
  • Course requirements (if undertaking the internship as part of a degree)
  • Availability (weekly hours and overall duration)
  • Your formal application addressing selection criteria

An online or in-person interview will be conducted with potential candidates prior to selection.

Past experiences

February 2018
‘Working for Res Artis gave me a deeper understanding of many different concepts. Artist residencies, non-profit organisations, online platforms, global networks, etc. and how they all worked and interacted with each other. As a child I travelled a lot to several countries. In a similar way, the global network of Res Artis gave me a sense of ‘travelling’, even though I was physically always in Amsterdam. In addition, I found the role Res Artis plays in bringing different people, art and cultures together very inspirational. I feel that I have gained considerable insight in terms of both forming my career but also my perspective of the world in general.”
– Panagiotis Markopoulos (Greece)

July, 2015
“Working at Res Artis gave me a precious and unforgettable experience. Starting from the first day of my internship, I had a lot of engagements that helped me to quickly learn the ins and outs of artist residencies and the cultural mobility field. During the six-months internship, I had ample chances to communicate with people while getting familiar with the office environment and projects. I really appreciated my internationally-minded, generous and inspiring colleagues. My stay has facilitated me with a real world experience as well as insights into my future career prospects. I truly believe that I learned more than I ever thought possible. A massive thanks to the Res Artis team!”
– Lixiaodan Zhang (China)

January, 2014
“I arrived at Res Artis as a young graduate interested in the residency field and willing to learn more about the nonprofit cultural sector and to work on communication. In four months, I took part in lots of different projects, from communication with members and website management to research projects. Thanks to this experience, I can say that I have gained many insights into the nonprofit as well and the residency field but also many know-how and all this will be really valuable for my future career. Moreover, I did not feel like a simple intern but as part of the Res Artis team and learn a lot for my professional as well as personal development”.
– Louise Proteau (France)