What is the Res Artis network?

Our network has over 550 members across more than 75 countries. Our members comprise organisations, artist-run spaces, local and international funders, arts and cultural councils, artists, researchers – all of whom are involved or interested in the field of artist residencies and international exchange programs.

Members pay an annual subscription fee to Res Artis that supports the work we do for the network, including promotion, digital and in-person training and professional development, advocacy and research.

General Member benefits

Regional and international connections
  • connect with peers in your region and become part of a global community
  • contact a board or staff member in your region
  • advocacy support for the arts residencies field
  • connect with other members through members-only Facebook group (Res Artis Node)
  • reputation and validation through use of Res Artis logo
  • membership survey to determine ongoing network developments: every five years
Professional development
  • Res Artis ‘Artist Residency Handbook’ using templates, case studies and research from our membership
  • up to 50% reduction in Res Artis conference registration fees
  • Res Artis conference documentation and live streaming
  • thematic webinars, videos and digital learning
  • Member Portal: members-only access to library, digital learning, mobility funding guides, tool-kits and handbooks, research and reports.
  • 50% reduction in advertising fees (workshops, residency events, jobs, etc.)
  • Post news items
  • Receive and contribute to public and members-only newsletters every 2 months.
  • Please read more about Res Artis’s extensive communications reach here.

Member Categories and Fees

There are three different categories of Res Artis Members:

1) Individual Members

Artists, curators, researchers or other individuals who wish to participate in the activities of Res Artis. Useful category for individuals thinking about starting up a residency program.

Annual Fee: €102
Individual Member Benefits:

2) Residency Members

Residency Members are our largest category of Res Artis members. These are organisations, artists groups or any other structures that directly organise an artist residency program, no matter how big or small.

Residency Members pay dues according to their organisation’s budget (please see table below).

The membership fee should be based on the entire costs of the organisation (expenses for staff, rent of building, equipment, utilities etc.) that you account for over the span of one year. This also include costs that are covered through in-kind income. Artist residencies that also develop other activities should include those costs for calculating their budget as well. Only in case your residency is part of a larger structure like a museum or university you can calculate it based on the residency budget only. However also in that case all in-kind income should be accounted for.

Budget Yearly Membership Fee
€ 0 – € 4.999 € 59
€ 5.000 – € 49.999 € 102
€ 50.000 – € 99.999 € 294
€ 100.000 – € 199.999 € 508
€ 200.000 + € 615

Residency Member Benefits:
  • General Member Benefits (see above)
  • advisory voting on ongoing network developments, including new Board Members
  • online profile and promotion of your open calls through the world’s most comprehensive vetted residency listing. The Res Artis website currently receives over 2,000 visitors per day.
  • Promotion through Res Artis social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In)
  • Please read more about Res Artis’s extensive communications reach here.

3) Associate Members

The Associate Membership category is open to foundations, trusts, other networks, local and international arts and cultural councils and ministries that deliver or support international exchange programs and arts residencies. They can be governmental, non-governmental or privately run. Some run their own internal arts residency programs, while others support creative exchanges by offering cultural mobility funding or information.

Annual Fee: €508
Associate Member Benefits:
  • General Member Benefits (see above)
  • Associate Members receive the same membership benefits as Residency Members (see above)
  • All Associate Members will have a public profile on the Res Artis website
  • If the Associate Member operates a residency program directly, they will also have a residency profile
  • Associate Members can post funding opportunities that are cultural mobility related through the Res Artis website for promotion.

Membership Process

** Applications to Res Artis are vetted for adherence to our shared network Values, prior to acceptance. This helps Res Artis retain the quality of the arts residencies field.
  1. Carefully read over the descriptions of our three different membership categories above and choose the most appropriate for you.
  2. Click the ‘Join Res Artis’ button below to complete our joining form
  3. Your application will be assessed, and you will receive an invoice after approval
  4. Pay your annual fees by bank transfer to our account in Australia, or by PayPal (details will be on the invoice)
  5. After receiving payment, we will send your membership receipt, website login details and a detailed web manual and welcome pack to help you maximise our services

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