logo for Save the date for Res Artis 2022 Kyiv Conference

Res Artis is excited to announce our 2022 conference ‘How to inhabit instability?’ hosted by IZOLYATSIA  in cooperation with Ukrainian Institute, House of Europe and Goethe-Institut Ukraine in September 2022 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

In recent years, instability has been increasingly becoming the norm of our lives. Uncertainty about the future of the planet, confused governments, and, most recently, the inability to counter the spread of COVID-19 have shown that the concept of “sustainability” needs to be revised globally.

The 3-day meeting will address the overall theme of the conference: “How to inhabit instability?”. While describing the current state of affairs in the world, this theme also reflects the Ukrainian condition and we believe that Ukrainian residencies will have a lot to share about their experience of coping with instability and finding ways to live and act in it. Moreover, it raises questions about the precarity that most independent artists and culture workers around the world are facing these days. The conference will offer delegates multiple opportunities to connect with the local art scene and will include visits to the art residencies in the Kyiv area, studio visits to meet artists and view private collections, as well as curated city tours.

Watch this space for more details to come!