Please get in touch with us at if your question is not included in the list below.


1. Is the conference in Bangkok?

Due to the enduring pandemic, the Res Artis conference will stream live from our host partner and Res Artis member, SAC Gallery, Bangkok. The conference will take place online via Zoom (see details below).


2. I don’t have a Zoom account. Can I still attend?

The conference will take place online via Zoom and all registered participants will be sent a Meeting URL in advance of the meeting. Participants will need to have a free Zoom account, and all you need to do is copy and paste the URL provided into your browser to join the conference.


3. Do I have to attend every session and day of the conference?

The registration rates are for the entire duration of the conference, but participants don’t need to attend each and every session unless they want to. It is up to participants to pick and choose which sessions are of interest to them. Please note that some group-based sessions require confirmation of your attendance on registering so that we can plan accordingly.


4. What time zone is the conference program in?

The conference program is set out in Bangkok Time. All participants are encouraged to use an online time zone converter such as this one to convert the time from Bangkok to your local time zone.


5. I have special needs. Will I be able to access the conference?

Please email Res Artis at to discuss your access requirements. We will aim to provide some translation services and edited videos of the conference will be available with subtitles. We will try our best to cater to your access needs within the parameters of our limited budget.


6. Why is the conference held over two weeks?

Usually Res Artis conferences are held in-person over the course of a few days but due to the enduring pandemic this is our first ever fully digital conference. In order to be as inclusive as possible to people all over the globe we have scheduled the conference over the course of 2 weeks and in different time zones. Participants can pick and choose which sessions are of interest to attend.


7. Why is Res Artis holding a conference during the pandemic when international exchange has largely been paused?

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced sweeping changes and a lot of devastation across the international arts residencies landscape. You can read about the impact here. There has never been a more critical time to come together to discuss new models that are emerging as a result, the impact of the pandemic on the field and ways we can collectively strengthen the field and ensure its longevity.


8. I’m not a Res Artis Member. Can I still attend?

Absolutely! The conference is open to Res Artis Members and non-members. There are special rates for our members, so consider if this might be the perfect time to join our worldwide network. The conference program has been developed to include content for emerging and established arts residencies, artists, funders, curators, researchers and anyone interested in the international arts residencies field.


9. Is there an early-bird rate and when does it finish?

There is no early bird rate.  Due to the generous support of our conference partners, we can now offer a very affordable rate and you can see prices here.  Registrations will remain open for the duration of the conference however due to limited availability we encourage you to secure your place now.


10. I am a Thai/ASEAN national. Is there a special rate for me?

Yes! It’s very important to Res Artis to have participants from the Thai/ASEAN region given the location of the conference streaming live from Bangkok. Please see our list of registration rates to access a special Thai/ASEAN rate.


11. The pandemic has left me experiencing severe financial hardship. Are there any options for me to attend?

Through our first ever digital conference, Res Artis aims to be as inclusive as possible to people from different regions and socio-economic backgrounds. To achieve this, the conference rates have been set at half the price of our regular in-person events. All the money made from registrations is used towards the running costs of the conference.

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and donations provided by other registered participants, Res Artis is able to offer a limited amount of opportunities for those experiencing severe financial hardship to attend for free. If you are interested in this opportunity, please email Res Artis at


12. How do I register and pay for the conference?

Please complete this registration form. Once we have received your submission you will be contacted by the Res Artis office with an invoice for prompt payment to secure your place.


13. Can I see footage of sessions that I’m unable to attend?

The conference rates include special access to recorded sessions with sub-titles for all registered participants. You will have full access to session which take place outside of convenient time zones.




Image credit: Photo by from Pexels