How to get to Kyoto?

By Plane:
The nearest/easiest airport is Kansai International Airport at Osaka prefecture for most of participants.

From the airport:
– Shuttle bus

The closest stop to Kyoto Art Center is Shijo Karasuma (1 1/2 hours) or you may get off at Kyoto station.

– JR express train, Haruka takes you to Kyoto Station(1 1/2 hours)

Note: Due to the serious damage of typhoon strike in September, Kansai International Airport has been currently closed. Please check by yourself when you purchase your flight. (as of 7. September, 2018)

By Express Train Shinkansen
Those who come from other cities in Japan such as Tokyo or Nagoya can take JR Shinkansen, bullet train to Kyoto.

If you are planning to travel around Japan before/after the conference, purchasing “Japan Rail Pass” is the good option. See details.

Do I need a visa to go to Japan?
Nationals and citizens of countries and regions shown here are NOT required to obtain visas to enter Japan.

Members of Res Artis who need a letter of invitation to the meeting in order to obtain a visa and/or to help themselves in finding travel grants from their own countries can send their request to:

How can I register to this event?
The registration can only be made through this website, using the official Res Artis online registration form. (Please note that registration by e-mail, telephone, fax or traditional post cannot be accepted).

How do I book accommodation?
The hotel costs are not included in the registration fee. Meeting participants are free to book the hotel of their choice. Hotel rooms must be booked by participants individually.

Booking as soon as possible!! Kyoto is tourist city and there should be many tourists in February. Please have a look at our list of hotel recommendations. If you find yourself difficult to find suitable accommodation, ask us:

Which are the travel and transportation costs?
Participants cover their own travel and personal insurance costs. Res Artis, host organizations and partners cannot be held responsible for any mishaps that may occur during the participants stay in Kyoto.

Hot do I get to the meeting premises?
Kyoto Art Center locates at the center of downtown Kyoto. The closest station is Shijo (subway Karasuma line) or Karasuma (Hankyu railway). You can walk 5 minutes to Kyoto Art Center.

Map of Kyoto Art Center

How is the climate of Kyoto in February?
In winter there are fairly mild periods, with highs above 10 °C (50 °F), alternating with cold periods, with wind and rain, highs around 5/7 °C (41/45 °F) or less, and possible falls of sleet or snow. Snowfalls, however, are usually light, as are nocturnal frosts.

You may need a coat, gloves, and knit cap.