The conference, Creative Encounters: Reimagining Residencies, was hosted by Kyoto City and Kyoto Art Center in cooperation with the Agency of Cultural Affairs from February 6-8, 2019.

The 3-day meeting addressed the evolution of arts residency models and the rapid expansion of the field. Around 140 participants from over 40 nationalities made it to Kyoto and joined us in discussions around traditional ‘time and space’ models vs. new residency typologies that reflect our changing social economy. Nomadic, start-up, virtual and Airbnb residencies were all explored.

These key themes of the meeting were reflected in Kyoto, a unique city where traditional and contemporary arts co-exist. Like artists in residence encountering different places for the first time, participants experienced the rich culture of Kyoto by way of excursions, city walks and tea ceremonies that encouraged further dialogue and networking.

Through its long history of more than 1200 years, Kyoto has blended diverse cultures, and is called the spiritual home of the Japanese. Kyoto is not only a historic city; it is an academic research city, being home to universities and junior colleges, as well as an environmentally advanced city, which can be a role model for low carbon and recycle-oriented society. We express our sincere thanks to the entire team of the Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto City, the Agency of Cultural Affairs, countless volunteers and all participants for making this conference a success!

The link to the video can be found here and you can access a digital copy of the publication here.


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